Currently nine Anglican cathedrals are members of the CWF: Canterbury, Durham, Exeter, Gloucester, Lincoln, Salisbury, Winchester, Worcester and York Minster. These cathedrals have  their own stoneyards and in-house teams of stonemasons which enable them to provide the necessary learning and teaching environments for their stonemasonry students.

In the early days, CWF membership was limited to those cathedrals actively engaged in the delivery of the first Foundation degree for stonemasons. The new Foundation degree now offers additional craft pathways for carpenter/joiners, plumbers and electricians. Cathedrals or other historic buildings with in-house carpentry workshops, plumbers and electrician teams will be able to become members of the CWF and train eligible staff through this Foundation degree. Please contact us for more information.

Although our primary focus is on the Foundation degree for stonemasons, carpenter/joiners, plumbers and electricians who work in Anglican cathedrals, we are always interested to hear from people in other historic and/or ecclesiastical building environments. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about what we do and how you could get involved.